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The REAL Missionary Endeavor

Thursday, May 03, 2018 4:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Brian Weed, Missionary to Nicaragua


What is the REAL Biblical focus of Missions?  Answer:  Church Planting and Evangelism!

But, why are missionaries jumping ship and doing so many other “missions projects”?  Maybe they aren’t really jumping ship at all.  Maybe they are leveraging the mission by putting more hooks in the water.  As missionaries, we should always be seeking new and strategic methods to enhance the church planting potential on our respective mission fields.  More hooks in the water simply translates to more opportunities to reach one more person and plant one more church.


We can use humanitarian efforts to reach people with the Gospel.  And those efforts are simply more hooks in the water.  ¿How? 

By following a few of our techniques in Nicaragua.

Our Strategies and why:

#1 Feeding children.  -   A hungry kid will not listen to the Gospel like a kid with food in his / her belly.  That is just simple logic.  I must admit, this is NOT one of our top outreach tools.  

#2 Sports Ministry.  -  Our ministry “AVANCE SPORTS INTERNATIONAL” is now in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Cuba.  Soon we hope to see AVANCE SPORTS BELIZE.  My friend Alexis Arguello (Pro Boxer) shared a little secret with me years ago when I arrived in Nicaragua.  He said that sports could reach kids in Nicaragua.  HE WAS RIGHT.   We have 2,000+ kids annually involved in AVANCE SPORT Nicaragua alone.  Avance Sports is our #1 outreach tool.

3. Medical Ministry.  -  Yes, we have a medical Center.  Our Medical Center has 1,500+ consultations every month.  This Medical Center has allowed our church in La Esmeralda to not only reach its community, but to also reach into 12 other communities and even start a new church in one of those communities.


With all this said, keep your focus.  It is easy to focus on what comes easy.  It is also easy to focus on areas that produce quick results.  But, don’t allow the tail to wag the dog!!!  The main thing MUST always be church planting and evangelism.  If we lose that focus, we become humanitarians only.  That is not a fulfilling of Matthew 28:18-20.  Go get ém!!!


Brian G. Weed

Familia Avance Nicaragua

Avance Sports International

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