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The Benefits of BCMN Endorsement to Missionaries

Thursday, February 22, 2018 8:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

What Are the Benefits of BCMN Endorsement to Missionaries?

It is not always easy for a Baptist pastor to book a missionary in their church when they do not know the missionary. A missionary has the backing and support of their sending pastor and mission agency that provides them with credibility to a pastor they do not know, but is there any other organization that a Baptist pastor can look to for an additional endorsement of a missionary? Just as people are more likely to trust an accredited college or a product that has been tested by an independent company like Good Housekeeping, a Baptist pastor is more likely to invite missionaries he does not know well to his church if they have an endorsement from BCMN.

BCMN is a network of Baptist pastors who endorse missionaries who are in agreement with BCMN’s Biblical, Balanced and Baptist philosophy and their Statement of Faith. (https://baptistcmn.org/Statement-of-Faith). BCMN is not a mission agency that approves a missionary or processes their funds. All missionaries seeking endorsement must have the approval of a credible mission agency.

Biblical - BCMN Endorsed missionaries place a premium on preaching and teaching God’s Word. The Word of God is what the Spirit of God uses to work in the hearts of the people of God to accomplish the will of God in this world.

Balanced – BCMN Endorsed missionaries have a conviction that it is God’s plan to reach people of every demographic in all of the world through the ministry of the local church. Their focus is on evangelism, ministry and missions and avoiding the extremes and trends of popular cultural-based Christianity.

Baptist – BCMN Endorsed missionaries have a conviction that the distinctives that make us Baptists have both relevance and value in a time when Bible doctrine is taking a backseat to pragmatism, programs, and personality driven ministry. BCMN Endorsed missionaries embrace our historical Baptist heritage, not as a matter of nostalgia, but as a matter of Biblical conviction.

Baptist pastors receive many requests from missionaries from multiple organizations every week. They have a heart for missions and missionaries and desire to be a part of God’s plan to reach the world, but with all the requests they receive they have a hard time choosing a missionary that matches their Baptist distinctives. BCMN helps to build a missionary’s credibility with Baptist pastors by vetting, accountability, training and coaching.

Vetting – BCMN Endorsed missionaries who agree with BCMN’s Statement of Faith, and Biblical, Balanced, and Baptist philosophy.

Accountability – BCMN Endorsed missionaries submit a personal Statement of Faith and Strategic Ministry Plan each year.

Training – BCMN Endorsed missionaries attend Missionary Communication Workshop. This is a five-day workshop designed to help missionaries clearly communicate their call and passion for the mission field. At the workshop missionaries receive training in every aspect of communication including preaching, teaching, reporting to churches, Q&A’s, and written communication. For more information about the workshop go to www.aboundmissionaryservices.com.

Coaching – BCMN Endorsed missionaries participate in Financial Coaching. Lewis McClendon is a Certified Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach. He has the training to help missionaries identify problem areas in their finances, create a long term financial plan, and learn to live on a budget that the couple works together to create and maintain. This coaching is done in person or on Skype or FaceTime.

An endorsement from BCMN can go a long way in helping a missionary get a booking with a Baptist pastor. For more information contact Lewis McClendon at l.mcclendon@baptistcmn.org or (330) 575-0199.


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